Equipment and Process

- I own and typically shoot on a variety of 4K DSLR and Cinema 4k Cameras. My equipment setups can be small, unassuming and discreet for jumping on a subway to a shoot or a last minute event capture.  We can also scale up and easily fill my car, a truck or a studio with gear. If a client requires something specific from teleprompters to steadicams, I have a rental house partner with access to all major brands of equipment. I have a broad assortment of professional and cinematic lenses - both vintage and new to achieve a wide variety of visual qualities.

- I use high end Lectrosonics and Sennheiser wireless Lavs for audio with portable mixers and Sound Devices gear for more complicated audio needs.

- I have a pair of small footprint Lowel Caselites and LED panels. Important for interview shoots in tight spaces. Additional light is available upon request.

- My edit bay is centered around the latest  Mac Pro stuffed with 64gigs of ram with 4k monitors and over 40 terabytes of storage, raid and archival redundant backup for my clients.

- As a sound and music engineer,  I have a full recording rig for on-location voiceover and music tracking.  - Perfect for those moments when a company CEO and spokesperson can't leave the office!

- Bigger projects with bigger budgets need bigger crews. When we scale up, our team includes the best award winning talent New York City and the West Coast has to offer. See: Our award winning cinematographer, Matt Dimakos