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Not just another production company

The democratization of affordable technology makes video, animation, and marketing content as ubiquitous as the cell phone. So it's easy for your brand’s purpose and messaging to get lost in the daily regurgitation of content. LiftMedia360 can change that. As a multi-service video production company, our goal is to elevate our clients’ communications. "360 degrees of media" is our mantra — and our differentiator. We carefully audit digital assets from all areas of your company. And then we creatively re-imagine them in forms that are focused and impactful, which helps you maintain digital maturity. 


From medical communications to design and finance, we can turn stale PowerPoints and print presentations into dynamic animations. We can also shoot bespoke videos, both internal and external — product launches, testimonials, thought leadership, culture and DEI statements, corporate documentaries, training, corporate events, and more. 

Beyond all this creativity, we’re pros at seeing potential when it comes to a visual story and then delivering it, whether it's b2b, b2c, or d2c. It doesn’t matter if you’re adapting content for cross-posting or airing a spot on television. At the end of the day, we will ensure that you are building your brand and reaching your customers.

Look at what our clients are saying

Corporate Video, CEO Interview, Technology marketing video

"Christian's broad range of experience allows us to create high caliber marketing content and digital media that is on par with some of the larger and more costly agencies in the city."

Caroline Ollivier - Marketing Director, Knoll Textiles


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