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Getting Schooled In Video - Video in Educational Institution Marketing


September’s right around the corner. Not something you want to hear if you work for one of the tri-state area’s educational institutions — somewhere in there June, July and August flew by. But the new fall term will be here before you know it, and there’s no better time to look at ways to promote the programs and initiatives your staff has worked so hard to hone.

As with any corporate entity, educational institutions can harness video across multiple functions — using it increase student enrollment, raise its profile, attract partnerships and advertise facilities or initiatives that are unique.

Here are three ways three very different NYC institutions have invested in video to further their objectives:

• NYSIM is a $21 million simulation center — the product of an alliance between NYU and CUNY post 9/11. It was designed and built to train medical personnel in all aspects disaster preparedness. The center, however, supplies local medical schools with the ability to simulate emergency, operating, neo-natal and intensive care rooms, trauma bays and standard patient examination rooms, allowing learners to practice new techniques and receive state-of-the-art feedback in a safe, supportive environment. NYSIM will use its video in all initiatives for marketing and outreach.

• Using video in a completely different way, a partnership between Parsons The School of Design and Carnegie Fabrics commissioned a video to spotlight a joint project — a design challenge marrying hard-structure architecture with soft-structure elements. Students collaborated with architects on the concept and construction, which was unveiled at ICFF, one of the design industry’s largest trade events. With this video, Parsons was able to capture this partnership to encourage future students in their design endeavors.

• And finally, TCI used video for straight-up advertising its programs to prospective students and wrapping with a call to action.

No matter what your institution’s objective is, video can help inform, inspire and even entertain while doing exactly what you need it to do: speak directly to your audience.

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