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Visionary Digital Content at AAO Conference in Chicago

This year’s conference for the American Academy of Ophthalmology in Chicago was a visual feast, literally. Few businesses know the value of eye-catching trade show displays as well as those involved in eye care.

And what they know can easily apply to any industry:

Differentiation is crucial. When 10 companies display a hundred tiny surgical scalpels, how are potential bulk-ordering clients supposed to know which they should choose as their supplier? Vivid animations of 30-60 seconds hitting the “sell points” do the trick.

Innovation is emphasized. These companies pour millions of dollars into development. Did that lead to a better iris expander? They show it with a video. A new surgical technique is made possible by a technological breakthrough? A device screen capture of the is displayed not just one screen, but on an entire wall of screens. Will a new technically advanced device make its debut this year? The prototype slowly spins in a glass box on a podium. Show, don’t tell.

Company culture is important. Each company has a personality, and promoting that personality is a critical part of branding. And older company with European lineage has a booth next to a young upstart from the midwest. And you can tell at a glance which is which–booth design, color schemes, logo, photography and video display all play a role. Minute-long culture videos anchored those companies in time and place.

Technology, technology, technology. These companies are all about technology, and they’re not afraid to use it themselves. Video walls and interactive iPad presentations were equally as important as the hands-on device demonstrations.

The Lift team was proud to be the creator of several of the videos on prominent display at AAO. In addition to producing digital content prior to a show or conference, Lift has the capabilities of on-site video and digital content production: newsreels, user meetings, booth interviews, man-on-the-street video marketing surveys, breakfast symposiums for webcast, etc. We work on-site and on-demand.

Oasis Medical: Lift produced four 30-second animated spots (see above) for four different product lines, each branded to a print campaign already in full force. We looped the commercials for surgical products, dry eye treatment, ultra-fine scalpels and corneal shields back-to-back so they would play continuously.

Abbott Medical Operations: Just two weeks prior to the show, we combined our video skills with our technical know-how to complete a high-resolution screen capture of surgical imaging during a laser cataract surgery.

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