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The democratization of affordable technology makes video production, multimedia and content marketing production as ubiquitous as cell phone use. It’s therefore easy these days for messaging and story to get lost in the vast soup of digital content pushed out on a daily basis.  LiftMedia360 can change that. As a multi-service video and content production company, our goal is to elevate our clients’ communications. “Media360” is our mantra — and our differentiator.  It means that we’ll take digital assets from all areas of your company and creatively re-imagine them in forms that are impactful, focused and more relevant than ever. 


From medical communications to design and finance, we turn stale PowerPoint and print presentations into dynamic animations. We can take that same material and turn it into interactive iPad presentations. We can webcast and then redeploy the files as embedded PDFs or as a video. And of course we can shoot award-winning video branded to a company culture — internal and external corporate messaging, product launches, testimonials, corporate documentaries, executive profiles, culture statements, training, sales and marketing tools, and that old standby, the commercial.


But beyond all this creative, we assist our clients in thinking through media campaigns that have a visual element, often making use of assets they currently have and finding multiple uses for a single production. We’re pros at seeing potential when it comes to a visual story. Because at the end of the day, we need to ensure that our clients know how to build their brands, reach their customers and train their employees.

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"Christian's broad range of experience allows us to create high caliber marketing content and digital media that is on par with some of the larger and more costly agencies in the city."

Caroline Ollivier - Marketing Director, Knoll Textiles


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